Style Maintenance Package

Shopping and Style Session – For Existing Clients

Meet up 

1 hour

  • We meet up at your home to discuss which items are you favorite hits in your last shopping trip, and any that have been less easy to wear.
  • This is likely a different season so we do a short clear out of items I have not yet edited.
  • We discuss the seasons colours and trends, and decide on your best options from that creating a framework in which to shop.


1 hour pre-shop

  • I do this alone before I shop with you, in preparation for your quick and efficient shopping experience. I source your best available options from the suppliers that I know and trust, covering wholesalers to boutiques to stores at the V & A Waterfront. This way you don’t need drive around town with me. I will gather stunning items from independent suppliers and we can adventure through one shopping centre together, without battling traffic and parking. 

2 x 1 hour shopping sessions with you

  • I like to do a shop in the boutiques first followed by a shop at the V & A Waterfront second.
  • We find the most exciting pieces, in their limited editions at the boutiques and then pad out the style requirements using the main stream stores.
  • Once again you get to step into a dressing room filled with thoughtfully selected basic and signature items specifically for you!
  • We will shop efficiently and effectively.
  • I send you links for those outstanding loose end items that you can purchase online or in store.

Loose Ends

1 hour

  • Each shopping session winds up with a few size exchanges and returns as well as those items not yet located.
  • I will use an hour to finish up by myself before I see you next.

Style Summary 

2 hours 

  • This is where we get to style your new pieces as well as your previously bought items expanding the usefulness of your wardrobe selection. 
  • You get to experience the benefits of shopping smart, and the value of quality pieces as we use and reuse your items.
  • Once again I create styled outfits for you to count on which I capture and send to you.
  • The style summary session is particularly useful as it also keeps you aware of what you have and it allows me to stay in touch with the wardrobe and consider new options going forward. 

COST of package – R6890.00  

Extra time is charged at R960 per hour.