About Candice

From my teenage years, I grew up in the world of fashion and retail. I was fortunate that my modelling career allowed me to travel and work with some wonderful couture names, both locally and overseas. Those years taught this small-town, stableyard girl so much about design, fit, fabric and the way it should ‘fall’ on a body, that I fell in love with the endless possibilities of styling a look. I dress to suit my body, I dress to suit my mood and I feel sheer delight in seeing my clients successfully do the same.

I have been in retail, with my own store which imported gorgeous Italian and Greek shoes. I discovered that although I enjoyed many aspects of boutique retail, it is the close connection with individual clients and the personal style projects that give me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. With a finger on the pulse of trends on the street and the catwalk I love to translate the fashion sets’ ideas to a slower style that is conceptualised for each individual client. My challenge is my love of novelty and changing trends running alongside the green conscious heart that I have. I want to teach people style and at the same time I want to slow down the rate of consumerism. I continue to improve in achieving this balance although it remains a work in progress.

Alongside my styling I have a beautiful, eco-friendly, locally produced jewellery brand – Verus Fine Jewellery. Together with a fabulous, and style inspiring, partner we design and produce top end 18k gold jewellery. We are now launching another Verus collection using silver, natural stones, vegan leather and other exciting new green products.

When not working I am facilitating the life journey of my three wonderful kids and two cheeky Yorkshire Terrier ‘kids’. Maybe that sounds too fancy? Parenting is a rollercoaster ride and I am on it, grateful for all the up moments and accepting of the occasional downward challenge. Well, that is my intention at any rate.

For my sanity I spend as much time as I can possibly manage on the trails or at events with my mountain bike. A relative newbie in the sport I am now hooked! It has me fit, and there are always new challenges to overcome and be rewarded by. It turns out I am just as excited by new bike tyres as I am with beautiful design. I was an equestrian kid, but now I have discovered mountain bikes.

In summary of myself, here is a quote by Confucius when he said:

 “We have two lives, and the second one begins when we realise we only have one.”

My second life has begun and I hope you will join me on my journey.