Weddings & Christenings and all that jazz….

 Summer, beautiful South African summer is back with us. How divine! Of course it is also time to dress up for all those events that come with summer. Weddings, christenings, smart lunches and more…. What will you wear??! Every summer… Continue Reading

Basic to a T…(um, shirt)

How is your T shirt collection?? I cannot live without mine. Lots of options in grey, black or white and then my one of each in my favorite colours taupe, coral, chartruesse, navy. Naturally a selection of stripes, cos sometimes… Continue Reading

Frutti Tutti! The ‘Pear’ Shape

For the sake of simplicity, I assume, women’s figures have been labelled Pear, Apple, Hourglass and Rectangle. A few others came along and added Diamond, Banana (huh?), Cone, Bell, Brick ( good lord!), Column and so on. After assessing more than… Continue Reading