Hi Candice,

The wedding was great! I looked great , felt great and had an absolute ball!

You made my day. From the momement I met you , you changed everything for me. I was dreading some of it, how would I look, the photos , and between you and Desray everything changed.

Everybody loved my outfit, I loved my outfit I just felt great in it. Thanks Candice you were my wedding angel!

Linda, 55


I have always had a good idea of what I liked wearing and how to wear things but somewhere between having a baby and working fulltime I lost the energy and time to think about what I was wearing. My old fallbacks of t-shirts and jeans no longer worked for where I was in life and, being small,  shopping for more “grown-up” clothes made me feel like I was borrowing someone else’s outfit. I lost confidence in my choices and landed up making a lot of bad buys that just sat in my cupboard. And I just kept on reaching for my jeans.

Candice really helped me to redefine my personal preferences into a style that worked for me and for where I am in life. Her ability to let you see that not all clothes work for all body types and ability to help you find something that you love and that works for your body helped me to jump from what worked in my 20’s to something that works for me now. Nothing overwhelmingly different. I got to keep all of my jeans. It’s still me, just a little bit more grown up.

Sian 35, lawyer


‘Candice gave me just the lift I was needing – I had not done any proper shopping in about 3 years and could not face the winter ahead with what I had! Candice very professionally went through my wardrobe, as very practical about the whole thing and didn’t shred it/me to pieces (there was no Trinny/Susannah type criticism/behaviour!) plus we shared the odd giggle which made something quite personal (and potentially, very scary/daunting!) lots of fun. And that wasn’t the last of it or the most fun…time to shop!!! It was like “shopping with your best friend, only she’s not there to snag the last 34, but rather trying to find it for you!”

Most of all, what is special about Candice is how quickly she interprets someone’s personality, identifies a “look” that’s just right, and not a whole personality change, rather like the Loreal ad – “you, only better..and always “with style!”

Thanks Candice – sometimes all ones needs is a little help in the right direction and then there’s no stopping one!’

Dawn 32

Candice pulled together my disparate wardrobe into a multiple outfit mix and match. Plus I now understand how to identify my style – rather than stumble on it. She has an eye for quality, which I love, is generous with her time, and a fabulous woman as well! I loved my experience and will continue to work with Candice from afar.

Clara Chorley