About With Style

 Personal styling and shopping is a service that is growing rapidly. When I began working in this field people were genuinely taken aback at the idea. It was something quite foreign to most of the people I chatted to. Even an online website and marketing didn’t have much effect, because nobody was googling it!  

Jump forward to today and many people at least know somebody who has tried it. Online is so busy. Google loves us now! That’s because the general public are talking about it. It is now as popular with middle income earners as it is with the high income bracket.

So why? What is it that has made using a personal shopper and personal stylist popular?

I guess there are three critical commodities.  


 Seriously who ever has enough time? Even I struggle for time to shop for myself!


 Nobody likes purchases that just gather dust.


 Although our SA retail market is pretty small, it is still overwhelming to shop amongst all the choices. People get trapped buying the same items over and over. That is the ‘safe’ option. Yet, at other times people bravely buy something new and exciting! Only to find it hardly works with anything in the wardrobe. It becomes a guilty white elephant that shuts down personal shopping for another few months!

The truth is you really don’t need to go through all that headache.


Like so many other areas of our lives, sometimes the best solution is to outsource the job. I enjoy fashion, I am in touch with the retailers, and I am an experienced stylist working with women and men. I can get you out of a style rut or I can work with you in creating that dream wardrobe. For some people that is a bold, colourful eclectic collection and for others a dream wardrobe is a simple, Scandinavian style minimalist capsule wardrobe.  I can enable you to feel great about yourself without daily fuss and bother. It is an initial financial outlay, that is true. However like decorating a home, landscaping a garden, creating a business… if you don’t get the basics right, how will your wardrobe ever be an easy and stylish space for you?


With my journey to styling and the years working with a variety of clients, both men and women, I am experienced in body shapes, colourselection, working with different ages and different needs. I use the established ideas on body shapes and colour as guidelines rather than rules while I create a strong, and fluid, wardrobe. This is the wardrobe that you need for easy dressing before a busy day.


I do believe that we can all feel stylish.  A simple truth is that feeling good about oneself brings confidence which is one of the greatest assets we can have.