About Candice

 Personal styling and shopping came about with my journey through fashion. This began as a model in Cape Town in the 1990’s and led me overseas to the international market working in both photography and fashion shows. Having an opportunity to work with South Africa’s top designers and in some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses taught me about the importance of a great cut, the value in perfect finishes, how the way fabric falls can take ordinary to exceptional and so much more. It also was the period where I learned how to look great without appearing to try. Being noticed in a small SA town was one thing but to thrive in this world wide competitive market of beautiful girls was a whole other level! The key was to be effortlessly elegant, effortlessly appealing, and all on a pretty tight budget. Figuring this out by myself was not as effortless as it sounds!

Following on from that was a few years in retail with a shop at V & A Waterfront, Paradoxo. Together with my Gauteng partner we imported gorgeous European shoes. I loved it but when as a family we decided on a third baby it seemed time to ‘hang up my shoes’ as the saying goes. Baby Dejan duly arrived and I was fulltime mom and wife. After a short spell of white picket fence, I realised that I needed something outside of the home. I needed grown-up interaction. I needed fashion back in my life. I wanted to find a way to really connect with people and my interest was in empowering women. I had a drive to help women feel good about themselves, and I believed that helping a woman feel stylish could make a difference to her life.

Along the road to this point were some rather dark emotional holes that I had fallen into and fought hard to come out of. Years when I was so miserable it showed in every photo of me. It seemed that I’d lost my spark that used to light up the camera. A period where I was out of shape (following back to back pregnancies), was cash strapped, and completely out of touch with the trends. I looked at the stores and I felt lost. I just could not figure out where to start.

Fortunately I did find my feet, found my mojo. Soon enough friends asked me to help them with style, and then moms of friends.

Those trying times and the good times were running parallel. The result was that having the stuffing knocked out of me made me a wiser and more empathetic human being. I grew up! I realised that I was not alone in all my challenges, that I had evolved into an improved version, possibly because I now recognise and face my own short-comings.

 From my first workshop in 2010 and my initial clients I have been busy. Working mainly because of happy clients and word of mouth until more recently where online became stronger.

I like who I am now. I am a strong, independent and stylish woman. I became who I am.

 I am my most challenging client.