Basic to a T…(um, shirt)

How is your T shirt collection?? I cannot live without mine. Lots of options in grey, black or white and then my one of each in my favorite colours taupe, coral, chartruesse, navy. Naturally a selection of stripes, cos sometimes I want thick stripes other times I want thin stripes,…. options and more options;)

Why so indulgent here you may ask? Well maybe its more a Cape Town thing than a Jhb thing but I really need my T’s to take the ‘uptight’ off my smart blazer or uber cool leather jacket. What if I want to wear sequins ? Apart from formal events, which I seldom get around to, I am definitely going to need to mix my bling with a casual T.

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Got to let you know that in most wardrobes that I work on the T-shirt options are there but usually in dire straits on style.  Tired as opposed to gently worn and usually fitting to high, too tight on the belly and that thick, ‘yuk’ fabric that mainstream stores forced us into for years here in SA!

Newsbreak girls !!

The wall is down! As well as apartheid being over (thank god) we have the beautiful fabric options that our European sisters get to select from. Ok, so you do have to look for them but if we just support fine options as opposed to the closest and quickest option maybe the shops will make more efffort.

Sequins and T

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

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So where to look? Try Country Road and Trenery as the obvious options. Zara and Mango will have them. Personally when I want plains my favorite turn to supplier is Landy Walker Basics. She is online but you can order through me.





Please remember that cotton knit (t-shirt fabric) is clingy and can be very unflattering. Its all about the weight and cut. Ideally just skimming  your tummy and not trying to make it the centre of attention. Unless of course you have a washboard stomache and in which case unless you are 22 and under please keep it to yourself 😉




Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Happy Monday everyone!


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