Dressed Up Jeans

I am all for a cool, slightly offbeat styling trick to take my outfits to another level. I am also, well most of the time, about practical style and real comfort which is perhaps why I am such a jeans girl!

An interesting trend that has been building for a couple of seasons, is the dress over pants combo. A styling front runner for the fashion set, this trend has moved into the bigger market.

This is the time of the conscious consumer, and the real key in being a conscious consumer is finding ways to expand the possibilities within the existing wardrobe. If ever there is a trend to do that, it is this one. My jeans are key style investments and I’m delighted to have a completely fresh way to style them.

While I am not one to make rules, some simple guidelines can be useful.  Skinny or straight cut jeans are perhaps the easiest combo. Cropped or rolled legs work with flat shoes, trainers, short boots and heels.

If you are wearing your pants long, then generally heels will be the best option, although that is not a rule!

Leave the dress loose and easy or synch it at the waist for a different look.

Team your outfit with a blazer, leather jacket or a long cardigan.

Serious times call for a creative outlet, and if ever I feel the need for an easy new vibe, the time is now. Have fun with the style, push out of your comfort zone just a bit, and try it!

Images courtesy Pinterest.


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