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Ok, so this trend is making me feel my age. Not that I have anything against it, or my age, I mean…. why should I?


I like stripes, I love dots, and now I  have plaid to add to my creativity!


Hmm,…its just that I wore plaid ‘stukkend’ in the 90‘s  (translation: I wore it lots and lots!).   Ah well, I think I have recovered from its revival and I am ready to embrace it. Judging by what is happening in the rest of the world it will be around for a while, so now is the time to grab an item or two.


I don’t want rain on any girls parade, but I must be totally honest with you when I say that the bigger sized or bigger boned women will do better to stick to accessories. There is something about this that can make a strong woman look like she is off to drive the tractor, with a piece of straw in her mouth.  For the more fine boned women its a great look, probably a perfect mix of delicacy and toughness.  So for the cautious fashionista, I suggest a scarf or using the shirts as detail under a knit.

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Is this not a big flashback?! Tied around the waist plaid shirt. Flashback or not, it is a great casual style.

Go for it!


The coats can be terrific for anyone really, there is nothing that implies ‘farmer’ in these 😉


An easy outfit that just sings style.

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