Magic with a Midi Skirt…

I’m looking forward to the midi-skirt making an impact this summer! Elegant with a breezy,understated sexiness, this is a grown up trend that can look fabulous on a woman, whatever your age. The pleated A-line is not easy for an apple shape but can be wonderful with a straight, hour glass or pear shape.

Can you beat this for style?! Denim blue and deep green sit together well, but the colour pop of the shoes brings a wonderful colour lift. The long A-line skirt is elegant and the deep V of her simple knotted shirt bring sexy to this look.

Trainers with a midi skirt! Perfect for those run around days…

Simple white blouse tied at the waist and slides. This flat front skirt without pleats is also a great option if you tend to carry weight on your upper hip.

For a short waist choose a shell top blouse that does not need to be tucked in. Slightly cropped is an option but it can also be a little longer and graze the waist line of the skirt.

And how deliciously cool and effortless is this style? Just love the loose, light weight white blouse tucked in here. A summer blouse that is almost sheer is key here with this well cut, hip fitting A-line skirt.

Going out tonight? Metallic pleated skirt with sexy heels! LOVE this look.

I hope this helped to get you thinking about a fresh option for the summer. Rock it with attitude and a smile!

Until next time,  hugs…

Candice xx


All photo’s courtesy of Pinterest.


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