My monochrome…time to break out!

It’s been a long while since I last posted here. Happily I am ready to be back in the swing of style and fun! To get you up to speed this is where I am:

Wardrobe style is a statement that says so much about a person. Yes, I have said this many times, I do admit. It’s how I tune into what a person requires from me even when they don’t know how to verbalise their own statement. The last two years have been challenging ones for myself. It’s been a period of  turning my back on modern medicine and giving the middle finger to cancer, of throwing my life in the air by choosing and fighting for divorce, of flying solo in the adult world for the first time in my life. A time to remember who I am underneath all the labels that marriage and motherhood give us. It’s been a time of defining boundaries. Heck! It’s been discovering that boundaries can and must exist if I am to make any progress to the woman I am and that I need to release! What has been interesting to me is that my wardrobe became more and more simplified, and pretty much black, grey or white with the odd shade of tan or mustard to lift it. It’s a cool look so I am not throwing it all away. It has also been a reflection on my striving to get my life into a manageable rhythm. However this year I have finally been able to stop fighting for every step and I have been able to look up and discover a love that empowers me and a sport that thrills me! Between these two new energies life is fun again and I feel lighter, I get to laugh much more and I am finally on track with my next journey. Suddenly my inner style creative is back! I want color! I want print! I want to wear what feels like my personality rather than just safe and stylish. Don’t panic, I’m not as expressive as some of the trend setters out there. Unlike my teenage years I am not aiming to shock. My clients need to relate to me, find inspiration from me, and I like that as my guideline.

As it happens there is plenty of color and print this season and into summer. What a pleasure for my spirited heart!

Its better with red!

Great idea to pick up the small pops of red in the skirt’s floral print by using this chunky red knit. White trainers are a perfect, relaxed finish.

Clever color carry through.

Loving this bright yellow that has been picked up from the subtle yellow lines in the plaid coat. Perfect catch with yellow sneakers, gold bag chain and fun emoticon!

Black is not enough!

An elegant and potentially stern black a-line skirt has a happy lift with this spotted green and blue knit. How fabulous!

I’ll soon do another posting to share ideas on how to let your hair down and play with color. Such fun to be back chatting to you. Until next time….






  1. Loved your article Candice will keep following you. XxDenise Sales

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