Love your life!!!

What is With Style really about?


In the seemingly superficial vehicle of image consulting is something that means so much more to me. When I am invited into the wardrobes of people I am most often invited to connect with a deeper level of who they are. I enjoy playing with fashion but what really interests me is watching a person come alive. When I am allowed to take their focus from all the things that they think are wrong with them and onto all the beauty that they carry, ¬†they are able to move past all the psychological blockages that make them feel ‘less than.’ Authentic confidence is the key to actually living one’s life, as opposed to being a bystander, it is key to taking up opportunities, to being heard, to being seen and that is part of the path to happiness.


Can I change the world as an image consultant? Probably not. What I can change is my world, and by developing and expanding myself and my positive energy, I can energise my surrounding situations and people with positivity. For me that the most wonderful opportunity! There is a growing culture of people who want to live life and love life. Maybe they have always been there but now with social media they can be heard, perhaps that is the difference.


As a woman diagnosed with breast cancer twice in the last 5 years, I want to tell you that the most important thing that you can do for yourself, your family and the world is to LIVE! Really live. Let go of fear. Fear can kill you. See the beauty all around you, appreciate your glass even when it is half full! Whatever your situation there are people in a tougher one who are finding a way through it. Don’t waste this life, don’t waste time hating your body. Your life, your body is a gift. Don’t throw it away!





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