A Bump in the Road!

love yourself first

I have been wondering what to post next. Its been a little dilemma of mine. The obvious thing is that this blog is all about finding your style and playing with the trends. However my motivation behind my job and this blog is much more than that. I want people to put the effort in to make the most of themselves, and to be grateful for who they are and what they have. This brings confidence with integrity which frankly is the only confidence of value. This also brings about positive energy which is shared and creates positive energy in others. Positive energy = Happy people =Happy World. Yes, I  know its a big world but lets not worry about that. Just get started.

It is important to me that I am true to myself while sharing on this blog. That means that I feel better being open about issues that I am having to overcome.

Last year in October 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the second time in five years that I faced this. Somehow with it being the second time around, it was both easier and harder to handle. In November I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. It was much tougher than I was prepared for. Not that there was much pain, drugs can be such a help. It was the emotional space that I plummeted into that was overwhelming. There are very few times in my life that I have been in a situation that felt too much for me to handle. This second experience of breast cancer was one of them.

Now I will take the next steps. I am choosing not to do chemo. I’d appreciate it if nobody tries to ‘rescue’ me with well meaning advice and statistics on cancer/chemo/alternative methods. Each of us must make our own choices. I  have wonderful doctors and there is a planned journey that has already begun.

After a rough October, November and December I made a decision to consciously change the anxious space that I was in. Just a little searching and  I discovered The Art of Living. It turned out to be just the place that I needed to be in.

I am feeling wonderful! I am back to ‘normal’ life and its better than before. Purely because I am so very aware of how important happiness, gratitude and my soul is. So this is not a diagnosis that I would wish on anyone but this event has forced me to ‘prune’ my life . I rather like what I have found after that ‘pruning’. Isn’t that just the irony of life!


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