Summer Shoe Trends 2014

Remember when shoes were limited to one or two styles for a decade? Well that’s not happening anymore! If you fancy being a fashionista then I  hope your savings are healthy as there are so many styles to choose from that this will be an expensive season.

However for those who put style one step ahead of fashion then this is an amazing time to shop!

There are so many trends that I’ll have to break up this post. Today lets look at pointy toes…

Pointy Kitten Heels

Pointy Kitten Heels

15NYSP14-Narciso-Rodriguez-pointy toed pumps

NarcisoRodriguez pointy toed pumps

Pointy toes are back. Not quite as sharp as the 2003 trends ( which is a pity for me as I have so many of them in storage, sigh), but pointy never the less. Pointy shoes are great for lengthening the leg and ever so elegant. White shoes have  made it back to main stream. My goodness, and think how long we avoided them for!


White pointy toed heels


Stilletto’s in white with boyfriend jeans

46MILSP14-bottega-veneta's textured slingbacks

Bottega Venetta Textured Slingbacks

I love the simplicity of black or white but remember that texture will raise your style. Particularly if you are wearing one shade from head to toe.

55-PFWSP15-balenciaga-pointy toe flats

Balenciaga pointy toe flats.

However a girl really needs a neutral shade too. These pointy toe,nude shade flats are super chic with the smooth and textured finish as well as small laces. Interesting, but not too much. Perfect for classic with edge.


Pointy toed kitten heels in orange.

Sometimes one just craves colour though. Or at least I do! Brightly coloured shoes add spunk to a simple outfit. Orange or coral are good alternatives to tan shoes and will connect with many of the same accessories.


Blue and green stilletto’s

Could those shoes be any more perfect for those pants? Love how she has played with all the cool colours together. Blue suede heels, green snake toes, green and navy print trousers, purple nails, gold watch for warmth and the white blouse which brightens the collection of colour.

Happy Shopping ladies!

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