Weddings & Christenings and all that jazz….

¬†Summer, beautiful South African summer is back with us. How divine! Of course it is also time to dress up for all those events that come with summer. Weddings, christenings, smart lunches and more….

What will you wear??!


Green is perfect for anyone with some red in their colouring. A striking look on a brunette.


Turquoise is flattering especially for blondes and red heads. This dress holds a lovely, form revealing style that is elegant.

Every summer I try to add at least one, but hopefully two, really beautiful dresses that will see me through a few summers. A dress that I am prepared to pay a little more for so that I can feel beautiful, be at my best and thus enjoy my events.

It is important for a woman’s self esteem to feel confident at an event where everyone is well turned out.


Beautiful dress for women up to about 30 years old or a petite build.

¬†You never know when Mr Gorgeous is going to cross your path or somebody who can boost your business might be sat next to you. Life is funny like that, it loves to throw you opportunities just when you are not looking for them. So….BE PREPARED!

A dress with the right cut for you is key. Beautiful, sophisticated and not the same as what you might wear to a nightclub. Too much “flesh flash” is not only inappropriate, but will lure over Mr ‘Letcherous’ as opposed to Mr Gorgeous.

How you dress reflects your personal value.


Super floral print. Creating understated fun and elegance. Green shoes are a good finish.


Floral with a gathered but structured waist. Lovely capped shoulders help to balance the hip proportions.


Go long, soft and floral. Cut away shoulders and a structured bodice gives it the edge it needs.


Floral print is sexy and sophisticated with this neat style.


Exceptional floral on black silk.

Black for weddings?? Why not! Just keep it interesting and sophisticated.


A well structured dress taken to a higher level with statement jewellery.

It does not have to be all flouncy skirts, try this sleek combo.


Tan leather skirt & white blouse are interesting with a splash of leopard print.

And what about pants? Definitely a stylish option.


Embellished gold pants & black silky blouse are softened with a white blazer and handbag.


If you have the legs then go for it! Sequinned pants and cream top with simple accessories looks amazing!

It’s not everyday that we can dress up without looking like we are trying too hard. These are the days to have fun with your image. Keep your proportions and colour in mind, there is a perfect dress or outfit out there for everyone!

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