Tutti Frutti – Lets look at Pear shape again


A while ago I wrote about the pear shape. I looked at two common types .

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This Pear type where the hips are heavier than the top half but much of the weight is carried on the upper hip.

I have posted tips on how to dress this shape in an earlier posting on my WordPress blog site.


Lets have a look at this shape. Pear, yes. Small upper, small breasts, small shoulders, long torso, weight heavier on the lower hip and thighs. Likely to have a flat or fairly flat tummy and good ankles!


A great option for you is the classic cropped denim jacket. Please please dont fall into the long jacket to cover your bottom trap! I’ll talk you through how to balance yourself better.


Use layering to break up the length of your torso. So a jacket that stops on your smaller upper hip should definitely be worn over a longer shirt. Make sure that the top does not stop in a solid line across your widest point. It should stop just above your widest point to create a balance and a distraction. We are not going for the colour blocking look, so opt for shades rather than bold colours and light weight shirt fabrics are also the better choice.


Worn here with a blouse and a knit. The blouse breaks the solid definition of the knit. I don’t suggest flares for a Pear shape. Go for a straight leg, or skinnies if you are wearing long boots.


Some days a longer jacket is just what is required. Careful if you are not average to tall in height. This coat, pictured, will balance a delicate top half with the heavier bottom half  if it stops just after the widest point on the hips. Dont button up please!


These loose fit pants, synched at the waist are a breeze for a skinny upper Pear.


Long skirts look amazing on you. Add some edge with a leather biker jacket!


Your small upper hip means that the skirt waistband will fit comfortably and be flattering. Flat pleat panels are always the safest option.


This seasons mid length skirt. Beautifully balanced! Softly sensual, just gorgeous!


However one of the best style selections for this shape is the A-line knee length (or just above the knee).

Grab one of the trending leather A-line skirts. Its a forever item and you can get in and out of the car gracefully! Wheew, extra points for that!


An interesting scarf works wonders. However if you have very small shoulders be careful that you are not over-powered by the scarf. In that case look for heavier weight, but thin fabric, cotton knit scarves.


Ditto for the smaller shoulders and a waterfall cardi. If your shoulders are really square then this is a super option. Stay away from waterfall if your shoulders slope down.


Can you see how the stripes and interest up top will pull the eye away from the heavier areas?


Clever pattern mixing. Plain pants and the broadest pattern on the area that needs to hold the eye.


Florals are heading our way again. Work it baby! Just be smart and use them correctly . Here the blazer opens which will create a lovely balance of top and bottom. Careful of white pants, always pick up the darker shade for your pants.


Beautiful floral in light weight fabric.  Aim for sheer tops which add a perfect balance in dimension without making one look bigger. Lots of sheer coming up!

And a last reminder! If your pride is your flat tummy then be careful of drawing to much attention to it with those skinny spaghetti strap vests that we lived in in the 90’s! In fact please chuck them out, they belong to your teenage years.  What happens is that your thighs and hips simply look bigger next to a tiny upper torso.

Trust me!

Happy dressing beautifuls!

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