Think Pink!!

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Pink is the colour girls! Yes I can see you all jumping up and down for joy! Or not 😉


With the exception of Liz Hurley, most the girls I know have dodged pink on the whole. I’m not sure if it was the childhood brainwashing that pink is THE colour for little girls that ruined it for me, but generally I’ve seen it as a weak, girly shade.  And yes I do realise its in my profile pic, but that was a suprise for me too!

Fortunately I have been doing lots of reading on Girl Power lately (current book,  Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg) and I am starting to feel quite strongly about how fabulous we are! I’m all for wearing pink, particulary by strong minded intelligent individuals.01c042091291ee303d6ea3a17f9465c5

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That said you don’t have to over-compensate with the I’m tough and intelligent vibe! If it suits your colouring (and when it does it is a hugely flattering colour) then wear it with denim, black, grey, navy, green or red even. I’d be wary of pink with white shoes personally, unless of course you are an ‘out there’ fashionista. Don’t let me rain on your  parade,  we love confident women! 🙂

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Interestingly, it was on the 1920’s that colour become associated to the sexes. Boys originally wore pink as it was considered a strong colour. Blue was thought of as a daintier colour more suited to girls, possibly due to its association with images of the Virgin Mary. 




So how did we swing the pendulum so far the other way?!

At any rate go for it with pink. Dusty rose and Berry for this winter and soft pastel blush pink for the summer coming. It is a good trend investment for now. You will still be fab in a pink coat next winter.

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Start now with items that you can carry through to summer. Skirts, light knits and 10

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Is there anything fresher than this pink lip on a ‘nude’  (ahem, not actually!) face?



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